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Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Provision

The aims of the provision
The aims are to offer provision for students to access education through alternative learning methods and environments. 
The curriculum is coherent and flexible, able to meet individual learner needs and encourage progression. There is a consistent and explicit focus on learning, encouraging students to take increasing responsibility for their own learning.
The curriculum has been designed to enable students who have struggled to achieve within a traditional school setting or are new arrivals to the UK to become:

  • successful learners who enjoy and achieve

  • confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives

  • responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society


The philosophy behind our provision is flexibility and choice and provide opportunities for young people to develop self-belief in their own abilities.
The focus of this curriculum is the progress of the individual from their starting point, hence the inclusion of learning beyond the classroom as well as within.  SVS offers the opportunity for individuals to undertake a range of GCSEs, these will be subject to starting points when joining SVS and initial and continuous assessments. Levels and predicted grades will be discussed with parents/guardians and host schools during parents/guardians Days or separate meetings as requested.
Curriculum Plan

Learning hours will be divided between the subjects listed above and Enrichment Activities which make a vital contribution to the social and emotional development of our young people.  
It is intended that the student will be integrated into a mixed group of numbers between 4 and 18 students with access to 1-on-1 support if needed. Each year group has 25 hours of learning per week.
Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 there is a strong emphasis on developing the students’ literacy and numeracy skills in order to allow them to access all areas of the curriculum. The 25 periods/hours are allocated as follows, however the timetable will vary and change according to needs:
Year 8 students

Sandwell Valley School will make arrangements with host schools or Sandwell Fair Access Panel to offer a short term placement for students who require education at SVS. Year 8 students will be integrated in a mixed group.

Year 9
En 4 / M 4 / Sc 4 / ICT 1 / Sport 2 / H 3 / PSHE 3 / E 2 / Opt 2

At Key Stage 4 students will be set according to ability/emotional needs and the 25 periods/hours are allocated as follows, however will vary and change according to need:

Year 10

En 4 / M 4 / Sc 4 / ICT 2 / Sport 2 / H 3 / PSHE 2 / E 2 / Opt 2

Year 11

En 4 / M 4 / Sc 4 / ICT 2 / Sport 2 / H 3 / PSHE 2 / E 2 / Opt 2


En 4 / M 4 / Sc 3 / ICT 1 / Sport 2 / ESOL 3 / PSHE 1 / E 2 / H 3 / Opt 2


En = English
M = Maths
Sc = Science including Biology, physics and chemistry
H = Humanities – Geography and History
PSHE = Personal, Social, Health Education
Options: Hairdressing, textiles, Music, Art, PE/Sports, Life skills, First Aid
E =  Enrichment

Assembly 45 mins
ESOL students will be placed in ability groups and additional speaking and listening sessions will be in place for beginners. Some students will be on work placement part of the week.
Timetables may incorporate languages, this will be discussed with individual students
During Term 2, additional after school classes and sessions during the two week Easter half term for GCSE revision will be added onto the timetable for Year 11 students

  • English (GCSE, Functional Skills)

  • Statistics (GCSE)

  • Mathematics (GCSE, Functional Skills)

  • Science (GCSE, Entry Awards)

  • ICT (Functional Skills)

  • Geography (GCSE, Entry Awards)

  • Citizenship (GCSE)

  • Modern Foreign Languages (Options)

  • Religious Education (New GCSE) 

  • Sociology (New GCSE)


Extra curricular

  • English for speakers of other languages

  • PSHE

  • Art & Craft ( Art Award)

  • Music

  • Hair & Beauty

  • Social Enterprise

  • Sports Leadership 

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