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‘Sandwell Valley school is a charity and an independent school offering alternative provision to pupils aged 11 to 18. The school was inspected in June 2022 and rated as Outstanding by Ofsted. 


Our school collaborates with schools and education authorities. We provide places for young people who are for instance:

• New to the UK.

• Those who prefer and thrive in smaller and nurturing settings.

• Those who have a statement of educational needs (social and emotional).


We believe that every young person should have the opportunity to succeed by being motivated and inspired. We aim to develop young people into unique and responsible citizens of society with a sense of their own values.


We cater for up to 175 pupils who study qualifications including GCSEs and Functional skills.


We pride ourselves on personalising the education we provide each pupil, to re-engage their interest and plug the gaps in their education. Our team of staff offer pastoral support and spend time with pupils to develop their confidence and motivation levels.’

Our Aim

We aim to facilitate a culture for our pupils and staff which develops and builds upon knowledge to promote self belief and respect in one's own ability.

Welcome to Our School

2022-2023 GCSE Results :


The school is delighted with the results, especially in Covid-19 context and of year round on/off registration for learners. This has been a challenging year and we are proud of how our students have adapted to the difficult circumstances.


A total of 29 Year 11s and 12s took almost 92 individual GCSEs, covering a range of five subjects – Maths, English, Science, Citizenship and Panjabi. 28% of the total entries achieved 4 or higher grades,62% achieving < 3 grade.

See Table Below For GCSE 2023 Performance :

sandwell valley school banner resized-01.jpg
gsce result table.jpg

It is important to note that the majority of students attending/arriving at the school have missed out a significant amount of formal education. In some cases, this has been for a considerable amount of time, resulting in significant gaps in their attainment, knowledge and skills. SVS as a matter of policy ensures that all our pupils will leave with qualification and a secure progression route.

Pupils that started late with us were entered for Functional Skills qualifications in English, Math and ICT. 


For Further Information Contact The School Registrar :

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