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Sandwell Valley School aims to maximise school attendance rates. We work in close partnership with parents/carers to encourage the regular attendance of students. Whilst it is understood that parents/carers are primarily responsible for ensuring that their children attend school, it is our responsibility to support attendance. 

Attendance is monitored on a weekly basis and students are expected to have 90%+ attendance each week. Students with attendance falling below 90% will be encouraged to improve their attendance by agreeing targets and support. Students with persistent attendance falling below 80% and/or poor behaviour will be followed through in conjunction with the Attendance and Prosecution Service and will have their place reviewed at Sandwell Valley School.  A home visit will be made if your child is absent and the Attendance Officer has not been informed about the reason. Parents/carers are regularly reminded that an unjustified absence is not acceptable.


SVS Attendance Policy
Parents/carers are required to support the Sandwell Valley School Behaviour Support Plan and sign to accept the policies of Sandwell Valley School.

  • Close liaison with parents/carers.

  • A clear policy on absence and by clearly defining our expectations of students and parents/carers at interview.

  • Close monitoring of students’ attendance at morning and afternoon registrations.

  • A call to parents if a student has not arrived.

  • Close liaison with referring agencies.

  • Working closely with the Education Welfare Officer.

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