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We are continuing to monitor the advice from the DFE, WHO and PHE as the situation regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) changes day by day. No doubt you will have heard about the recent outbreaks in northern Italy and Tenerife in the news. Whilst we have to remain vigilant we wish to avoid
any unnecessary anxiety or alarm. Please rest assured that we are promoting good hand hygiene amongst staff and pupils, and would be
grateful if you could also encourage this at home.

The advice has remained the same throughout: if you have travelled from or been in contact with someone who has recently travelled from one ofthe specific areas listed below, and develop cold or 'flu-like symptoms,however mild, you should stay indoors at home, avoid contact with otherpeople and immediately and call NHS III. Please also notify School immediately if this applies to your child or anyone living at the same
address. All the latest information is found here:

and we recommend that you check this frequently. It is being updated constantly and is a useful source of advice for anyone who has recently
travelled, is about to travel or has been in direct contact with someone who has. More links to government advice pages are at the foot of this

Public Health England advises the following:

If you have returned from these specific areas since 19 February, you should call NHS III and stay indoors and avoid contact with other people
even if you do not have symptoms:


specific lockdown areas in northern Italy as designated by the 
Government of Italy.

'special care zones' in South Korea as designated by the Government of the Republic of South Korea
Hubei province (returned in the past 14 days)

If you have returned from these areas since 19 February and develop symptoms, however mild, you should stay indoors at home and avoid
contact with other people immediately and call NHS III. You do not need to follow this advice if you have no symptoms.

Northern Italy (anywhere north of Pisa, Florence and Rimini)





Where to find the latest official information

Public Health England blog:

World Health Organisation information, advice and myth-busting:

NHS advice:

Foreign Office travel advice:

Advice about self-isolating:

WHO advice about hand hygiene:

Doctors of the World :

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